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Under the Stump tour participants enjoying a picnic by the sea

Picnic by the Sea
2 Hours

Discover the beauty and history of Newfoundland on a relaxing walking tour with Trina. You'll hear stories of hardship, family values, the relocation program, and reflections of Indigenous Mi'kmaq culture and Newfoundland traditions. You'll also enjoy a picnic lunch in Bakers Brook, where you can admire the ocean view, listen to the sea gulls, and reminisce about the once thriving community. Along the way, you'll have fun playing along with the traditional songs by beating the Newfoundland Ugly Stick or spoons. And if you're lucky, you'll get to sample mussels (in season) in a place where the locals picked them as children. This tour is a unique opportunity to experience the authentic Newfoundland lifestyle and culture. Book now and get ready for an unforgettable adventure!

Adults - $ 185.00 + tax

Children (15 & under) - $165.00 + tax              

Minimum of 4 People

Special arrangements can be made for private tours and mussel boil. Please contact us for details.

Private bookings available for groups.

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