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Ugly Stick 101 Class

Discover the joy of creating and playing your own unique Newfoundland instrument with Ugly Stick 101 Class! During this fun and interactive session we will teach you how to make an ugly stick out of everyday items like a mop handle, bottle caps, tin cans and bells. You'll also learn how to play along with guitar, spoons and singing in a lively kitchen party atmosphere. Ugly Stick 101 Class is perfect for small and large groups who want to experience a slice of Newfoundland culture and have a blast. Don't miss this chance to take home the best souvenir ever: an ugly stick that you made yourself and can show off to your family and friends! 

We understand that some of our visitors are unable to take their ugly stick home because of travel. (A short ugly stick option is available for children and travelers.) We can make accommodations for you to build, play and join in a mini kitchen party then leave the ugly stick for the next person wanting the experience without the souvenir! (Discount price)

Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday - 7:30 PM

$90.00 + tax per person

This session is ideal for small and large groups. 

Advanced booking required.

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