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Newfoundland Screech In Experience

Embark on a unique experience. Travelling to Newfoundland and Labrador is a trip for those looking to escape the normal vacation, connect with the land, people and traditions at your own pace . Discover the authentic connection, genuine welcoming nature of the people and sense of arrival. A place like no other.


A traditional Screech In Ceremony is a way to become on of the family. Once you arrive you are now and forever a part of the people and connected to the culture. Therefore it makes sense for you to partake in this tradition, become an honorary Newfoundlander and kiss the COD!

You'll also learn how to  play an ugly stick to accompany the guitar, spoons and singing in a lively kitchen party atmosphere. Our Newfoundland Screech In Ceremony is perfect for small and large groups who want to experience the fun Newfoundland culture and leave saying you are Honorary.  A non-alcoholic experience, fun for the whole family.

Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday - 6:00 PM

(Arrive 5:45 - 6 pm) We will start promptly at 6 pm

$25.00 + tax per person 

This session is ideal for small and large groups.

Advanced booking required.

We can make arrangements for private Screech In Experiences upon request. Great for family reunions, parties, large groups.

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