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Powering Progress: Wire, Insulation, and Plywood - Crafting the Complete Storage Space

The plywood and insulation has arrived. The electrician has begin installing the wires. Lots of lighting and electrical plugs to be set in place before insulation can begin. Under the Stump is working hard to get this space ready for storage, the Power of Progress!

Dimly lit storage area with insulation and stacked plywood on the floor.
Plywood & Insulation has arrived!

Wires up in the roof trusses, and through the studs in the wall finding their places to provide adequate electrical services to this space. It all takes time, the right skilled person and patience. NO POWER YET at Under the Stump!

Insulated walls, non insulated ceiling, wires hanging down from the wooden roof truss.
Electrical work has begun.

Another step closer to lighting up this storage space and getting everything moved over. The insulation and plywood are done and the lights are being installed. Crafting this storage space opens doors to designing a welcome area for guests. Just one step closer to creating a sense of arrival at Under the Stump.

2 Ladders, 2 step benches and plywood in the space that is now finished with plywood walls. 5 Long lights installed in the ceiling.
Lights are being installed!


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