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Renovations a dream come true for Under the Stump!

The roof is up and the shingles are on the storage space! There is still much work to do before we can start the welcome space! It has been a long time coming to get to this point. Needless to say we are excited to see the progress that has been happening with the renovations at Under the Stump to make a dream come true.

A single story 2 garage door attached to a barn style single garage door building, Under the Stump location.
The Roof is Shingled

I was wondering how would they ever take out a garage door and put in a steel door! How to fill in such a big space. Well I guess they knew what they were doing. The renovations is starting to take shape at Under the Stump.

Barn Style building with the siding removed half of the building ground up, a piece of plywood leaning against the building and scaffolding in front of the doorway.
Framing a new steel door in place of the garage door.

WOW all done! No rain can pour in through the roof now! Imagine a garage transforming into a storage space and welcome center for Under the Stump. This is a dream come true!

Front view of the barn style building with steel door and new storage space addition in a taupe vinyl siding
Outside of the building has been completed!


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