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Concrete floor of perfection

The floor is being prepared for concrete. The grid is laid out and we are awaiting for the concrete to arrive.

Metal grid lay on the floor of the new storage space.
Ready for Concrete floor

Another exitting day! Concrete delivery, how could I be so excited to receive concrete. The team is pour concrete and leveling the surface.

A concrete truck is parked in front of the new building, pouring concrete down a metal shoot to the new floor surface.
Concrete Truck

It's another noisy day at Under the Stump as the concrete truck pours the concrete. The men are working hard to spread the concrete and level it to the appropiate depth.

This is such a cool piece of equipment designed to level the concrete and create a even floor surface. The equipment they called a helicoper and that's kind of what is was like! Now we have to wait for a few days of drying before the project can continue. A concrete floor of perfection!

A man using a piece of equipment to level the concrete floor
Helicopter equipment leveling the concrete floor

Concrete floor surface that is brown and level. Surrounded by enclosed plywood walls.
Completed concrete floor


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