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Renovations: roof truss and plywood

The roof truss have arrived. It is unbelievable that the driver actually got into our driveway. What skillful drivers they have. It's amazing to watch.

A white tractor trailer with a flat bed backing to the driveway. The truck is jack knifed across the road, delivering wooden roof truss.
Delivery of Roof Truss by flatbed truck.

The structure is just waiting for a roof! Everything is in place and the roof truss are ready to be put in to position. Can't wait to see how fast this happens.

Wooden triangular roof truss's laying on the ground in front of the barn style garage and new extension on the left of the building.
Roof Truss on the Ground

One minute the first roof truss is being positioned and then the next time I looked out the guys were almost done. I hope this project goes as smoothly as the roof.

Triangular roof truss are not positions on top of the new building structure.
Roof Truss in place.

The plywood was delivered and has been put in place on the roof truss. Now we can see the full effect of this storage space. It is coming together nicely. Renovations, roof truss and plywood

The plywood sheeting is covering the roof truss, packs of shingles are stacked on the ground in front of the building.and a red ladder leaned against the shingles.
Plywood sheeting the roof truss

Shingles are done and we are ready to get this building weather sealed. It is so exciting to see the project coming together. This is the beginning of a new beginning for Under the Stump, and expansion for continued success.

The new building has the shingles completed, a ladder leaning against the front of the roof.
Shingles on the Roof


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