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Lets Get Grubbing - Under the Stump Renovations

The trees have been removed and the next step has begun. Loads of soil being taken away and loads of fill added to stabilize the land. When I grew up this property belonged to a neighbor. This soil that we are removing was hand dug from underneath his house using a pick and a shovel to create a basement. Day by day he built his backyard one wheel barrel of dirt at a time.

Ways of doing things have surely changed.

Backhoe removing soil from the location of the Under the Stump new build.

Dump Truck off loading shale for the new construction project at Under the Stump

And Just like that, we have stage 2 completed!

We are forging ahead to new adventures and we are so appreciative of all our guests and local residents who understand that renovations take time. Soon all of our hard work will evolve to new beginnings that focus on inclusion for everyone.

Backhoe bucket resting on level ground at Under the Stump

As Renovations continue, Under the Stump is still offering experiences for visitors through the fall and into winter. The colours of yellows, and oranges are highlighting the landscape and it's just waiting for you!


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