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Walls of the storage space: How many nails will it take?

Another step in the building process of the storage space, the walls are being framed out! This journey is full of ups and downs but progress is happening.

2x4x8 foot beams upright to create the back and left side of  the new storage building for Under the Stump. The right side connects the existing barn style building. No Front on the new building..
Walls are going up!

Muddy Mud Puddles - The ground is so slippery and slimy after the rain. With the amount of vehicle movement back and forth, it has left the backyard in quite the mess. Got to wear me rubber boots out here just to get a picture.

Looking at the front of the new building. The 2 garage doors are framed out and the ground is wet and muddy.
Framing is done!

Doors are framed out and plywood is covering the outside of the building. I can't believe it!

The storage space is coming to life. The next step is the roof. Lets get this closed in. This building is going to house the UTV side by side vehicles and equipment for the accessible experiences. Can you guess how man nails they have used so far?

Looking at the front of the new building for Under the Stump. Plywood is covering the frame of the structure. Green Leaves of tall birch trees stand high behind and above the new structure and the sky is blue.
Plywood attached

We are going live on TikTok Wednesday December 13th, 2023 at 8pm. This will be the 1st live broadcast for Scott and Trina showcasing products, experiences, and some storytelling. Drop by to support the channel and follow future broadcasts.

Thank you for following our progress so far. If you would like more information about the project, subscribe to our blog, TikTok, Facebook and YouTube channels to follow the business. Visit Gros Morne National Park and the enclave communities anytime of the year. Book today one of our experiences.


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