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What a skilled driver! - Under the Stump Renovations.

When the pumper truck arrived I had my doubts about him being able to get into my driveway. Not much space for him to make that turn! Voila, he accomplished it perfectly. Under the Stump appreciates the skills and professionalism of these drivers.

A cement truck and the cement pump truck parked in the driveway of Under the Stump renovation location.

The concrete flows once again! This is much easier than the traditional way of pouring concrete. I can surely see the progress now.

Two men completing the last wall for concrete footing next to a barn style garage for Under the Stump.

Can you tell that I am excited for the next stage of this build! Under the Stump Renovations are well underway. This journey has had many first steps for us and we are extremely grateful for this opportunity and excited to move into the next phase of business development.

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